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The Most Romantic Moments Captured At The Cannes Film Festival

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The Cannes Film Festival is known for its daring dresses and unabashed opulence. Every year we wait for celebs across the globe — from Blake Lively to Aishwarya Rai and Fan Bingbing — to dazzle us with their designer gowns and signature beauty. But this red carpet isn't just eye candy, it also carries some sweet moments between Hollywood's most iconic couples.

Keith Urban loves to make us swoon with his hand kisses for Nicole Kidman, and the way George Clooney looks at Amal is absolutely heartwarming. Over the past decade, the Cannes carpet was brimming with these adorable moments from ridiculously glamorous couples. While some of these gorgeous duos are no longer together (RIP Brangelina), many are still going strong. Take a look at the most romantic Cannes moments of the decade, who lasted, who didn't, and who are the ultimate #couplegoals.