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Over-the-Top Celebrity Romantic Gestures

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When you're a celebrity with an endless bankroll and incredible connections, it takes something really over-the-top to turn heads in the romance department. A fancy candlelit dinner? Pfft. That's a normal Tuesday. A proposal with a full orchestra, fireworks, and a diamond you can see from space? Now we're talking.

But that's not to say that you have to spend major bucks to make a grand gesture — some of the acts of romance on this list are small and priceless (David Beckham's tattoo of his wife), while others actually cost millions (Jay's Rolls Royce for Bey).

The important part is the love behind the act, right? But, let's face it: It's the super expensive, only-in-Hollywood stories that really blow your mind. There's plenty of those, right this way...