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These Are The Wives And Girlfriends Of The NFL

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From the season opener in September to the Super Bowl the following year, football keeps practically everyone's eyes glued to their TV screens (especially on Sundays). We all have our favorite teams and players, and it can be easy to forget what life is like for these professional athletes off the field when the game is over, and who exactly is there for them when they're no longer suited up in their uniforms.

While we all know couples like Tom Brady and Gisele, and Russell Wilson and Ciara, there are a ton of other wives and girlfriends of NFL players whose names we think need to be known. These women come from all walks of life, whether they're Olympic athletes, singers, or pageant queens, and they all cheer on their men from the sidelines while also killing it in the amazing lives of their own.

So, let's take a step off the field and into the personal lives of these football stars to highlight their amazing wives and girlfriends (of both the past and present) — here are the WAGS of the NFL.