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Ariana Grande's Most Daring Ensembles

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Believe it or not, Ariana Grande has been in the game for a decade now. She's got an electric stage presence, several chart-topping albums in her repertoire, and an edgy sartorial sense that has been elevated and then some since her Nickelodeon days.

So it makes perfect sense that the svelte star would perform in some of the tiniest — and most daring — ensembles we've seen out there. Remember the signature kitty ears she used to wear regularly? And she pretty much made the high ponytail hairstyle a thing.

The same goes for her red carpet appearances; Ariana knows how to work her angles, what can we say?

The best part? You don't even have to take a break from listening to God is a Woman on repeat to check out Ariana's most daring looks over the years. Keep reading, and keep listening — we'll be doing the same.